Skin is the largest organ of the body.

Skin is an elegant, dynamic, flexible, stretchable, highly protective, interactive and exceptionally communicative container for the body.

When you touch a woman, the hormone oxytocin, is released. It calms her. When a male releases oxytocin, he has an orgasm.

Skin Functions

Skin is a multi-tasking organ.

  • Protection from:
    • UV
    • Microbes
    • Chemical agents
    • Mechanical trauma
  • Defines “Self from Non-Self” (Immune responsiveness)
  • Biochemical synthesis
  • Heals wounds
  • Thermoregulation and Insulation
  • Maintains body’s water content
  • Envelopes body
  • Excretes waste
  • Social and sexual communication
  • Sensory detection

Skin Facts that will Shock and Amaze

  • Largest body organ
      • Weighs approx. 7 lbs
      • Approx. 20 sq. ft.
  • Contains approx. 25% blood and 50% primary immune cells
  • Produces hormones and enzymes
  • Is a bioconversion factory
  • Respirates
      • Takes in 2.5% of body’s oxygen
      • Releases 3.0% of carbon dioxide
  • Is alive up to the stratum corneum

Major Skin Layers