Discerning users all over are raving about the benefits Scashi has brought them. Here are just a few examples of actual feedback. Enjoy!

Lorrice says…

I am a Caribbean woman, and as such, I love products that lean toward using natural extracts, botanical oils and a great many of beneficial vitamins. Well, SCASHI does this and my skin feels and knows the difference. I can live here in the United States, but my skin still feels like I am floating in the gentle, soft and aromatic air of the Carribean. SCASHI uses thyme, sage, green tea, avocado, lavender, mint, eucalyptus, wheeeww…. Does’nt this sound good. I love it!!

Joe says…

Hi, I’m Joe, and I never thought I would use a unisex skincare line. But here I am today, using it and loving it! Being dark skin, with a high amount of melanin in my skin, I tend to get pretty oily. Well, SCASHI has this great cleanser that I use – it’s called Ultimate Cleanser. This cleanser combats oiliness, cleans my face – feels like my face is breathing once I use it – and clears my large pores of dirt and oil.

I never thought I would use a moisturizer – I thought moisturizers were for women. But guess what? I use the best moisturizer in the world – it hydrates and keeps the oil away. It’s called Just Enough Moisture. Well, I’m loving that too!!!

Paul says…

Hi, my name is Paul Constantine and I take my skin very seriously.

No playing around with that! I don’t want the fluff and the fragrance and the expensive price. I want the real thing.

I want the serious stuff that’s made to get results. I take vitamins everyday and I take real good care of my body – jog, go to the gym. I’m even a vegetarian. So, I figure, I gotta take good care of my skin too. So, my skin takes in Vitamins A, C, E, and D with SCASHI’s unisex skincare. Just like I see the results from weight lifting, I see the results from using SCASHI. My skin is never irritated, it feels comfortable and clean all the time.

Clara says…

I just want to say that “I love SCASHI For Both!” You, know there are lots of skincare lines out there and I have tried several – so, I am definitely in a position to compare and choose.

I definitely choose SCASHI For Both. Why? First of all, SCASHI’s products are of the highest quality. From the cleanser to the moisturizer, I can truly say that they feel so good on my skin and I get great results from using the line. When I first started using them, I kept thinking, “Wow, this feels great – so comforting and refreshing.”

I especially like the Milk Cleanser. I have the beginning stages of Rosacea and this cleanser is perfect: it is hypoallergenic with no artificial colors or fragrances. What I like about this cleanser is that it is very gentle and soothing but is very effective in cleaning deep down in the pores. I never have to worry about clogged pores – that’s pretty important for people who have Rosacea. When I finish cleansing, my face feels fresh and hydrated.