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About Us.

Scashi’s first line of products debuted in 1996. The concept behind Scashi’s advent was to present an affordable maintenance line for both men and women who were of the mind set that "Skin Matters."  The owner of SCASHI derived complete joy from talking to men and women that found excitement and joy in selecting and using skin care products that felt good, really really showed great results and were affordable


Scashi’s products are formulated using impeccable ingredients and state-of-the-art techniques and compositions that underwent testing to assure their effectiveness.  Scashi’s owner and the research team were relentless in presenting a product line that addressed the skincare needs of men and women, but at the same time, sought to combine essential oils, herbal extracts, vitamins, nutrients, collagen, and other substances that are naturally in the skin. 


Scashi only enhances what the skin is composed of and allows nature to meet the science of Scashi.  This approach can only bring the ultimate result to those who want to truly take care of their skin without abusing it with harsh chemicals and products that suffocate the skin rather than allowing the skin to breathe and prosper.


Today, Scashi continues to present the finest products – reaching as far as France and the Middle Eastern Red Sea for pure and natural ingredients to provide purity and high performance in every single product produced.  Scashi’s team has designed formulas with cold processed botanical extracts, specialty ingredients, and new technology.   


The potential of using combinations of extracts and nutrients has allowed the Scashi product line to provide visual results and maximum performance in a shortened and realistic time period.  Scashi presents cleansers, toners, and moisturizers for a variety of skin types.  In addition, SCASHI presents a Vitamin C Serum, an Age Serum and Eye Cream that effectively addresses the challenges aging skin presents.  SCASHI even has an answer for those pesky razor bumps and pimples.

Scashi products are presented and sold in the United States, Jamaica, South Africa, Ghana, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, and Canada.

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